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True Leadership starts with True Health 

Jane Keep specialises with workplace, leader and employee health for highly productive organisations.



You can find our more about Jane Keep's work at her website The Leaders Leader.


Leadership Development Programme and Seminars



Self-care and Wellbeing Programmes



Confidential, side-by-side coaching and mentoring service for Leaders


Organisational Health & Organisational Development: Consultancy and On-site Programmes


Team & Workplace Relationships Coaching & Mediation



Staff Engagement Programmes: Building harmonious relationships at work​



About The Leaders Leader

Healthy Leaders and Healthy Staff are the root of healthy organisations.

Our world today has millions of workplaces, and in them there are millions of people working. What are the foundations of our workplaces? Are our workplaces healthy? Vibrant? Well balanced? Harmonious? 

How much do our workplaces support our world today given the atrocities and ills we have in our midst? Do we put people at the forefront? Do we support those who work in our workplaces to care for themselves, their health and wellbeing as pivotal to all work?

The greatest customer service programme we could have in any workplace is making work about people, and making self-care and workplace health the very core of our organisations. 

And if we make health the foundation of our workplaces, how will we know we are productive? Is productive the place where the quality of the way people work is taken into consideration? Or (almost) anything goes just so long as it gets the job done?  Are we productive yet exhausted? Or able to deliver and maintain our health and the organisational health?

The Leaders Leader takes a look at workplaces through making it all about people and organisational health – as the key to modern day productivity.



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Jane Keep is the Founder and Director of The Leaders Leader.

Jane works as an Organisational and Leadership Development Practitioner, Executive Coach, and Health and Wellbeing at Work Specialist.

She has worked for over 40 years across Organisational Development, Culture, Staff Experience, Values, Team Development, Staff Engagement, Coaching, Executive and Board Development and Change Management within the NHS, as well as having undertaken projects in Further/Higher Education, Local Government, and Voluntary/Not for Profit sectors.

Jane has expertise in dealing with deep-seated behavioural issues in the workplace, including coaching for performance, and mediation for conflict.


She has worked extensively in developing leaders, designing and delivering a range of leadership development programmes and coaching and learning interventions, often working with leadership development consultancies, and other leadership development practitioners for whole system programmes. 

Jane Keep has undertaken over 2000 team development projects, working with Boards and Teams with leaders and staff at all levels of organisations. Jane also has extensive experience in initiating staff experience, health and wellbeing programmes for productivity, and enabling staff engagement that encourages commitment and effective relationships at work. Jane has a PhD on ‘Developing Self-Care at Work’ understanding that the foundation of health and wellbeing at the core of every workplace supports the quality of the way work is done which supports productivity, relationships, working cultures and the wellness of the workforce.

Jane loves working with people and loves working. She puts her health and wellbeing as foundational to the quality of the way she works.


Jane currently works as a manager in a Hospital, and, in a University, where she is a Visiting Associate Professor.



Jane Keep


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